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Varla Stone

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Varla Stone
Varla Stone
1 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1000 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Recharging magical items (one-time use)
Type: Restorative item
FormID: 00000194

Varla Stones are white, glowing, magical stones that, when used, recharge all the magical items in the Hero's inventory. Varla Stones, (like Welkynd Stones), are one use items.

Varla Stones are mostly found in Ayleid Ruins, and may be hidden. Sometimes they are inside Varla Stone Cages that have a switch located somewhere in the ruin, which will raise the cage. The switches are often on sides of columns or under water.


Name of Ayleid Ruin Number of Varla Stones Additional Notes
Anutwyll 1
Atatar Healia Dagon 3 There are three Varla stones without a cage in this part of Atatar. In the north on either side of the door to Atatar. It is located North of Leyawiin to the right of the path. The Hero is lead to it by Modryn Oreyn, during the Fighters Guild quest Azani Blackheart.
Bawn 2
Battlehorn Castle 3 Available on XBOX Live
Beldaburo 1
Hame 1
Hrotanda Vale 2
Kemen 2
Lindai 2
Lipsand Tarn 1
Mackamentain 4
Malada 1
Miscarcand 1
Moranda 2
Nagastani 1
Nenalata 2
Nenyond Twyll 2 There are two Varla stones in cages near the back of the ruins. The buttons are underwater in the same room, on on each side of the path. This is the antechamber for the mages guild informant that is part of the Liberation or Apprehension? quest.
Niryastare 1
Nornal 3
Nornalhorst Sel Gandrevia 2 There are two Varla stones without cages in the southwest. After entering Nornalhorst one must go through a door to the north. Walk straight forward and keep right. After entering a large room go to a smaller one to the right, they are in the two pillars.
Ondo 2
Piukanda 2
Sardavar Leed 2
Silorn 3
Talwinque 1
Varondo 2 The press blocks for the two Varla stone cages in Varondo Varasel are located on ground level in the big room just prior to reaching the room with the cages. There are two switches, one on the right side of the walkway, and one on the left.
Veyond Gandrasel 3 There are three Varla stones without cages in this part of Veyond. They are located in a big room in the southwest part of this ruin. Veyond is northeast of Leyawiin, south of Blankenmarch, along the road shown on the map.
Vilverin 1
Welke 1
Wendelbek 3
Wenyandawik 2

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  • There are only fifty nine Varla stones in the game,(counting the one on display in Castle Chorrol and the three hidden in Battlehorn Castle).
  • Like Welkynd Stones, Varla Stones do not respawn.
  • As there is no limit to the number of magical items that can be recharged by a single Varla Stone, recharge as many items at a time as possible.
  • Due to the scarcity of the stones it is recommended not to sell them, there are much better ways to make money.
  • One may be able to use the duplication glitch to get more.
  • Varla Stone cages have small spaces in them where the stone can be taken without activating the switch/lever to raise the cage. Near the top of the cage.


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