"Yes. I am Varon Vamori. Wit and Wordsmith. Bravil's foremost Bard and Advanced Trainer in Speechcraft."
―Varon Vamori[src]

Varon Vamori quote

Varon Vamori is a Dunmer resident of the town of Bravil. He is also a Speechcraft Trainer, and a member of the Bravil Mages Guild and the Thieves Guild.

Daily routineEdit

Varon wakes at 6 AM, whereupon he will offer Speechcraft training until he leaves his house at 8 AM to wander between the Bravil Mages Guild, Silverhome on the Water and the Great Chapel of Mara for most of the day. He will again offer training once he starts towards home at 9 PM, until he goes to sleep at midnight.

He has a keen love interest for a fellow mage named Ardaline at the Bravil Mages Guild. After several failed attempts to get her interested in him, he has stolen her Mage's Staff.

He is a poet; he describes his home town of Bravil thusly: "Old, worn, and wicked. Wet, wounded, and wild. Empty as the eastern horizon, dusk on the Niben. Solemn and bitter as the grave."


Speechcraft TrainingEdit

If the Hero has 70 or more Speechcraft and asks him about Training, he will begin the Speechcraft Training quest by praising the sermons of Tandilwe, the Speechcraft Master Trainer.

Bravil RecommendationEdit

As part of Join the Mages Guild, the Hero must get a recommendation from each city's Mages Guild Hall. Kud-Ei will say that Varon Vamori stole a mage's staff, and it must be retrieved.