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Varona Nelas is a Dunmer in Tel Mithryn. She serves as steward to master Neloth.


First meetingEdit

Varona is first encountered outside of Tel Mithryn where she can be observed talking with Master Neloth's apprentice Talvas Fathryon.

Reluctant StewardEdit

During the quest she travels to Raven Rock for supplies, but is attacked and killed by Ash Spawn. Her body is found on the outskirts away from Tel Mithryn towards the trees.




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  •  PS4   Her body may spawn in the ocean at the bottom left corner of the map. The solution is to download mod "No borders Solstheim" to be able to reach her. Wear boots of waterwalking and walk towards the marker. Stand above the place to which the marker points and use Detect Dead to make sure her body is there. Use an item or potion of waterbreathing, unequip boots and swim down to her. Upon reaching her body the quest will update.
  • Her body may be under Tel Mithryn and inaccessible.
    • Solution: By activating the Ritual Stone, one may use this power on the rock where she is stuck, and she will then be reanimated. Kill her, and then inspect her corpse.
  • She can also spawn inside Raven Rock Mine. If one follows her to the exit of the mine, as soon as she returns to Solstheim, she will die, and her body will disappear.confirmation needed
  •  PS3   When finding her corpse, she may not have her clothes equipped, but they can be looted off her.
  • She can sometimes appear in Nchardak if Dragonborn has not spoken to her before the quest "The Path of Knowledge."
    •  360   PS3   She may randomly appear in other places, such as Whiterun.
  • She may die in Tel Mithryn while standing next to Talvas Fathryon.
  • Her body might disappear if the quest is not done right after it becomes available; the only way to find her body is to use a console command.
    • Solution: use prid xx0177dd to select her, then use resurrect so that she will be alive again. Then, use the moveto player command. After she is alive, kill her and loot her corpse to progress in the quest.


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