Varvur Sarethi is a Dunmer initially found behind a hidden and locked door in the Right Wing of Venim Manor, where he is held captive. He is the son of Athyn Sarethi.


As his father tells the Nerevarine, Varvur Sarethi is imprisoned in Venim Manor on suspicion of murder.


The locked door to the small cell, where Varvur is imprisoned, is hidden behind a tapestry on the wall. Close-by, there is a key lying on a bench in the right wing of Venim Manor which opens the lock.

After rescuing Varvur and bringing him back to his father, he can henceforward be found in Sarethi Manor.


Rescue Varvur SarethiEdit

During this House Redoran quest, Varvur's father asks the Nerevarine to free his son and bring him home. This quest can also be done without speaking to Athyn Sarethi first, simply by finding Varvur in his cell and agreeing to escort him to his father.