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Vasesius Viciulus: Trader is a shop in the Waistworks district of Molag Mar, Morrowind. It is owned, operated, and inhabited by Vasesius Viciulus, an Imperial trader who deals in a wide variety of goods.

The ground floor of the shop is cluttered with goods. A copy of 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 1, an athletics skill book, sits upon a small round table next to a candle. There are many baskets and sacks in the corners, and a locked chest containing twenty-five gold that requires a security level of 25 to pick on the ground near the merchant.

Vasesius' bedroom is downstairs. Because a guard is conspicuously absent from the shop, the Nerevarine can use his bed or steal without risk of being caught. An unlocked chest contains a random enchanted item, but there is little else of interest here.


  • Merchant – Weapons and armor, armorer supplies, books, clothing, ingredients, potions and beverages, misc.


The following items are located in this shop:



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