"I am Shadowscale, you see. Born under the sign of the Shadow."

Veezara is an Argonian member of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. A Shadowscale since birth, he once served as an assassin to the king of Black Marsh. He believes he is the last living member of his order.


Bound Until DeathEdit

During the quest "Bound Until Death," Veezara helps the Dragonborn get away by diverting the chaos after Vittoria Vici is murdered, killing hostiles until the Dragonborn has left Solitude.

The Cure for MadnessEdit

When Cicero flees the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, he stabs and severely injures Veezara, leaving him on the ground. Babette tends to his wounds with her potions.

To Kill an EmpireEdit

He later dies defending the Sanctuary when the Penitus Oculatus comes and raids it. When the Dragonborn returns to the Sanctuary, Veezara's lifeless body can be found near Astrid's room.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!Edit

Veezara is one of the Dark Brotherhood assassins to be killed if the Dragonborn kills Astrid during "With Friends Like These..."


  • If killed during "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!", he will have the shrouded gloves, chest piece, and shrouded boots as well as random leveled weapons in his inventory.
  • During the end of "The Cure for Madness," Cicero says that he feels "slightly bad" about hurting Veezara, but then goes on to call him "stupid lizard," a derogatory reference because he defended Astrid.


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