The Veil of Mist is a wall of mist that surrounds the island continent of Pyandonea created by the Aldmer to keep king Orgnum and his people from leaving the island nation.[1]


Legend says that King Orgnum was once a powerful Aldmer Noblemen who used his power and wealth to launch a rebellion against the powers of the land. He and his followers were banished for this to a place now known as Pyandonea, The Aldmer using their magic to conjure a powerful mist that prevented Orgnum and his followers from ever being able to disturb their former Aldmer countrymen again. The new Aldmeri land of Summerset however was not so lucky. Over the centuries King Orgnum and his people have launched attacks on their sister child of Aldmeris, although cunning each attack proved a failure as the might of the Altmer navy and their allies the Psijic Order proved too powerful for the Pyandonean navy.[2]