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Velehk Sain

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Velehk Sain
Velehk Sain Ingame
Race Dremora
Gender Male
Class Swashbuckler
Ref ID 000B8D3D
Base ID 00075C7F

Velehk Sain is a Dremora who is found trapped in The Midden Dark. Upon meeting him, he informs you that the Daedric Relic is part of a binding spell holding him in Mundus. He claims to belong on a ship in the Abecean Sea and wants you to release him in exchange for wealth. This wealth comes from an Imperial Galleon, which he needed to stash away while traveling. If you opt to kill him, you will be able to receive two Scimitars, rare one handed swords, as well as a Daedra Heart.

Releasing him offers the opportunity to find his buried treasure, which will "make itself visible when you get near."


Velehk Sain's TreasureEdit

If the decision is made to release him, he will provide a map to his treasure. The treasure will not appear until he has been encountered, nor will it appear if he is killed instead of freed.


  • Velehk Sain is the subject of the book Pirate King of the Abecean, in which he and his crew are described as merciless, cruel pirates. The book goes on to say that it would be suicidal to cross blades with them and their ship alone is enough to cause madness.
  • It should be noted that if you try to kill Velehk, the Conjuration spells Banish Daedra and Expel Daedra do not affect him as you would expect, rather they drain his health until he dies.
  • He can also be pickpocketed for the loot you would get from killing him, although this method will prevent the treasure chest from appearing.
  • Velehk Sain can be brought back with a Reanimate Corpse spell and will never disintegrate, as with all Dremora.
  • He can be Dead Thralled.
  • If the player is strong and quick enough, they can kill Velehk after agreeing to release him. This can be done by closing the dialogue box while he still finishes his last sentence, as he will give the player the map while not yet disappear until he is done talking. This gives the player a split second to act before Velehk warps away, although his body may still disappear into the vortex he creates, thus preventing it from being looted. Be aware that this action sometimes glitches the quest: the treasure chest may still not appear, even though the treasure map is in your inventory.
  • Killing Velehk does not count towards charging the Ebony Blade.
  • If you kill him you can use Velehk to max out your Conjuration level. Since Daedra bodies don't turn to ash after being raised and killed simply kill and raise him again and again till you reach level 100. This works as long as you don't cut his head off when you kill him.
  • He appears in The Elder Scrolls Online as a boss sometimes protecting Dark Anchors.
  • When given the option to either release or banish him, his name is spelled "Vehlek Sain" in the release option. His name is spelled "Velehk Sain" in all other instances of his name appearing.


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