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For other uses, see Veloth's Judgement.
Main article: Weapons (Morrowind)
"Quite a weapon, isn't it?"
Torasa Aram, curator of the Museum of Artifacts[src]

Veloth's Judgement is a unique version of the Daedric Warhammer. This weapon is given by Tharer Rotheloth in Molag Mar after receiving the Slay Raxle Berne quest.

Related questsEdit

Slay Raxle BerneEdit

Veloth's Judgement is part of the equipment given to the Nerevarine during this quest.

The Museum TREdit

Veloth's Judgement is one of the artifacts the Nerevarine may sell or donate to the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold. Torasa Aram, the curator of the museum, offers 15,000 GoldIcon for it.


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