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Saint Veloth, also known as Veloth the Pilgrim, is arguably the most famous, and certainly the most venerated, among the Dunmeri pantheon of saints. Rising to prominence in the Late-Middle Merethic Era on Summerset Isles, Veloth supposedly sought a more ascetic and pure way of life for his followers and gathered them into a grand pilgrimage from the southwest regions of Tamriel to the northeast. According to the contemporary texts, he "spared not a boat, ration, or strong-armed soul among his people in this exodus and toiled to reach the land of Resdayn."

His mass pilgrimage to a new land, where stoic values were established, was successful. The race enjoyed a period of high culture, known to many as the Golden Age, where Veloth's guidance shaped generations of stonemasons and architects, as well as priests and common folk. Although he wielded a mighty warhammer—Veloth's Judgment—Veloth is thought of mainly as a peaceful and scholarly soul, to which the Dunmer's healing enchantments that bear his name attest.

Veloth's power as a prophet was in no doubt, but his mossback teachings on the worship of Dunmer forebears are worthy of consideration, as he almost single-handedly began the god-cult worship of the "Good Daedra" prior to the coming of the Tribunal. Veloth's people honored him so much, his influence can be felt generations later. Those trekking over the Velothi Mountains southeast of Skyrim or hearing a Dunmer elder refer to their race as the "Velothi" still feel the presence of this world-shaping mentor of Mer.


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