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The Velothi Mountains are a mountain range found in the easternmost region of the rugged province of Skyrim.


They span the eastern part of Skyrim as well as the western part of Morrowind, forming a border between the two provinces, and an end point for Skyrim's in-game borders.

The mountain range stretches from the city of Riften right up to the mouth of the White River in Eastmarch. Traveling south towards Cyrodiil, the mountain range continues into the Valus Mountains.

Dunmeth Pass, on the northern tip of the range, serves as one of the few roads that allow safe passage through the mountains from Skyrim into Morrowind.


The mountain range was named after Veloth, the Chimer prophet who was responsible for leading his people from the northern regions into Resdayn, now known as Morrowind.

During the Merethic Era, the Dwemer established underground cities and communities in the mountain range.[1] A canopy tunnel through the mountains themselves was also said to exist.[2]

During the Dragon Crisis in the Fourth Era the ancient Nordic ruin of Skuldafn, located high in the mountains, was said to be the lair to several dragons, including Alduin himself.[3]

During the Second Era the Jarl of Riften commissioned the construction of a fort to lock up his son because he attracted Vampirism. The Jarl contracted a large mercenary force, named the "Dawnguard", in order to keep his son quarantined.



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