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Veren Duleri is a Dunmer priest of Vaermina residing at Nightcaller Temple.


Waking NightmareEdit

Helping Erandur battle through Nightcaller Temple in search of the Skull of Corruption, the Dragonborn is blocked by Veren, who labels Erandur, a former priest of Vaermina, a "traitor." He immediately becomes hostile and attacks the two on sight.


  • Because Veren is hostile and must be fought, he is a useful candidate for the Dunmer blood needed to help Septimus Signus open the Dwarven Mechanism in the quest "Discerning the Transmundane."
  • When he is killed, either by the Dragonborn or Erandur, he gasps out his last words: "How could you...Erandur."
  • Although Erandur claims that "the Miasma" damages the minds of those under its influence, rendering them insane, Veren displays none of the behavior of the Orcs and Vaermina devotees inside the temple.


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