Vernaccus is a character from the book Vernaccus and Bourlor, written by Tavi Dromio.


Vernaccus was a lesser Daedra who briefly became famous after avoiding the arrow of Bourlor, who was famous for never missing a shot and said to be blessed by Kynareth.

Due to his feeble status, Vernaccus went on a murderous rampage through the Colovian West. He had a rival named Horavatha, who goaded him further into his rampage. The destruction he had caused had soon gained the attention of a village mayor, who hired Bourlor to slay him. During their confrontation, Bourlor shot an arrow toward Vernaccus, who promptly fled back to Oblivion before the arrow found its mark. The arrow missed Vernaccus and struck the tree behind him. Back in Oblivion, instead of berating him, the other Daedra, including even Molag Bal, praised him for proving the superiority of Daedra over the blessings of the Divines.

This event had earned Vernaccus a modest reputation, and even a few shrines and worshippers. During this time, he would also be known by such names as "The Elusive Beast", "The Unpursuable One", "He Who Cannot Be Touched", and "The Bane of Kynareth". One day, he had discovered that one of his shrines was under assault by a group of mercenaries who had begun pelting his shrine with stones. Furious, he appeared before the mercenaries, who fled before he had the chance to kill any of them. As the mercenaries fled, his worshippers began showering him with praise and reverence. In this moment of distraction, he was struck in the back by a stone thrown by one of the mercenaries. Instead of fleeing, they now ridiculed Vernaccus and began throwing even more stones at him.

As he fled into the shrine, the door behind him was slammed into his back by one of the thrown stones. An arrow that had been lodged in the door since it was still a tree, stabbed him in the back. It was the same arrow fired by Bourlor so long ago, still stuck in the spot where it had landed. Vernaccus had finally been struck by the very arrow that made him famous.