"With armies marching across Cyrodiil, I pray our priory will be left alone. But war seldom spares the innocent."
―Verro Sertorius[src]

Verro Sertorius is an Imperial living at the Weynon Priory in Cyrodiil, east of Chorrol.


Articles of FaithEdit

Some robes were stolen by Gray Vipers that belonged to Verro Sertorius. The Vestige wants to return it to him.

Once he does, the following dialogue commences:

I found these robes in a bandit camp: "My robes! They were stolen en route from my tailor at Faregyl. I've worn holes in my only other set. I'm sure you can imagine the jokes at my expense. What bandits wanted with my robes is beyond me."


  • "Thank Akatosh you found my new robes. If I heard another joke about my "holey robes," I think I would have stabbed someone."