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For other uses, see Vestige.
"It was fascinating to watch a vestige gradually absorbing Azure Plasm and converting it from the general to specific, so that over time it slowly took on the size and shape of a hulking, reptilian daedroth."
Doctor Rythandius[src]

Vestige is the essence of any Daedra[1], analogous of the soul of mortals.

Soul ShrivenEdit

Each is a mortal kidnapped from Mundus at the moment of death, his or her soul stolen by Molag Bal, and given in exchange the vestige that enables him or her to form a counterfeit body in Coldharbour. But they are not native to Oblivion, so a Soul Shriven's body is a imitation of the body worn in life, suffering rapid wear and decay until it dies, for its vestige only forms a body once again, over and over, like a Daedra.

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