Vevrana Aryon is a Dunmer monk residing at the docks close to the monastery of Holamayan at the Azura's Coast. During the main quest she offers a travel option from Holamayan to Ebonheart.


Mehra Milo and the Lost PropheciesEdit

Vevrana Aryon offers a journey back to the mainland and directs the Nerevarine to Mehra Milo.


Vevrana Aryon offers travel services by boat to Ebonheart.

Unique dialogueEdit

Opening dialogue

I'm Vevrana Acyon, a monk of Holamayan. The monastery is here, on this island. Take the stone pathway north from the docks and the path uphill. The entrance is hidden by a magical shield. Wait or rest at the head of the path, and the portal will open at dusk and dawn only, the magical twilight hours sacred to Azura. Mehra Milo has told us of your coming. You can find her in the library with Master Barelo. Later, I can arrange for your return to Vivec whenever you are ready.

return to Vivec

You'll return to Vivec by boat, arriving at the West Docks in Ebonheart. Are you ready?
Then I'm ready to take you to Ebonheart whenever you're ready to travel.
Not Yet
When you're ready, I'll be here, waiting.