"Veya's young, bored, and stubborn. That makes for a volatile combination. She wants fresh air and freedom. I can't blame her for that."
Naryu Virian

Veya Releth is a Dunmer member of the Morag Tong, training under Naryu Virian as her apprentice. She is the daughter of House Redoran councilor Eris Releth, and the sister of the exiled Ulran Releth.


"Veya and I have a history. Her brother, too. They were good kids. Liked to watch me train. Now I feel responsible for her."
―Naryu Virian[src]

Veya was born to Tayva Releth and Eris Releth, a councilor of House Redoran. As a result, the Releth family was very influential in House politics, and Veya grew up in a fairly privileged childhood. She and her older brother Ulran would sometimes sneak out to see Morag Tong assassin Naryu Virian train with her blades. The three of them became very close, considering Naryu to be an older sister to them.[2] Veya also knew Captain Brivan as a child, and Brivan later became friends with Veya's brother Ulran during their guard service.[3] Following Ulran's mysterious exile, Veya left her family without warning to go secretly train with Naryu Virian as her assassin apprentice.[2]


Fleeing the PastEdit

Of Faith and FamilyEdit

A Purposeful WritEdit

Family ReunionEdit

Once Veya is defeated in combat, she will be incapacitated, requiring the Vestige to speak with Naryu about her fate. If they choose to have her killed, Naryu will ask the Vestige to leave while she gives Veya a swift death, later mourning her when she is met again. If she is spared, Naryu will be at the docks of Vivec City, sending Veya to the Summerset Isles so that she can finish her training and start fresh. When speaking to her, she will apologize for her actions and remark that the death of her brother caused her to not think straight, though does not blame the Vestige for not forgiving her.

Lost in TranslationEdit

After the Vestige loses the ability to communicate with Earl Leythen and he fully disappears, Veya appears and reveals herself to be the Champion of Nocturnal.


Azura Shrine: Family Reunion
If you choose to have Naryu spare Veya, she will be at the Vivec City docks after the completion of the quest:

"Naryu thought you might stop by. You probably hate me and I completely understand. I'm still glad you showed up though."

Do you think you can put this all behind you? "I lost my brother, I killed my own father... I probably went crazy there for a while. I don't think I'll ever put this completely behind me. But I'll do what Naryu asks. I'll go away, finish my training. Try to make a new start."
Where is Naryu sending you? "To Summerset, but don't tell anybody. She was quite adamant about that. She's given me a letter of introduction for some highfalutin Khajiit. Works for a queen or something. Anyway, he's going to be my new mentor."
Well, good luck to you, Veya. "Look, I'm sorry. Ulran's death made me crazy―that's no excuse―but I'm never going to forgive House Redoran for the attitudes that brought us here. I'm done with them. Take care of Naryu. I don't want her to get hurt because of me."