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Not to be confused with Veyond.

Veyond Cave is a massive, partially-submerged cave near the water's edge to the north of Bravil and is one of the most unique caves in the game. Veyond also has a second, separate entrance on the map named "Veyond Black Waters."

Veyond is inhabited by Argonian Tribesmen and Argonian Shaman as well as an Argonian Chieftain at the end of the Veyond Sea of Darkness.


Veyond CaveEdit

Veyond Black WatersEdit

A Nirnroot can be found here

Veyond Sea of DarknessEdit

Veyond Great SumpEdit

It is completely underwater.


There is very little in the way of treasure in the cave apart from lockpicks on the bodies and the knives the tribesmen sometimes use, at the end of the cave there is an armored Argonian boss guarding some chests.

In Veyond Great Sump there are several chests floating under water and one of them has a leveled treasure.


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