Viatrix, The Annoying Pilgrim is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Viatrix Petilia, a pilgrim needs to be escorted to a shrine located within Ghostfence.


  • Speak with Viatrix Petilia, who is found outside of Ald'ruhn.
  • Escort her to the Ghostgate shrine.


The annoying pilgrimEdit

Viatrix Petilia can be found just a little south of Ald'ruhn, north of Buckmoth Fort, in the Ashlands. If spoken to she will ask the Nerevarine to escort her to the Ghostgate Shrine, known as the Shrine of Pride, inside the Ghostfence, where she needs to be within two days time. If the Hero would help, she promises a "tip".

The journeyEdit

After accepting, she follows them. If the Nerevarine stops on the way, to rest, or converse with someone, she will interrupt to remind how much time is left until she needs to be at the shrine in a haughty and impatient way. If the Hero runs all the way to the shrine without stopping, she will get lost, due to her very slow pace. Following the Foyada that runs southward along the ghostfence from Ald'ruhn, leads rapidily to the ghostgate. Once past the Ghostgate, and inside the blighted Red Mountain region, a foyada runs north up the mountain from the gate. Soon, further up, a little pathway leaves the foyada to the right, eastward — Venturing further up, and not taking the side pathway, will lead to encountering ash creatures — Further up, the little pathway leads to a dead-end, there the Shrine of Pride can be found.


When they both reach the Shrine, she vaguely thanks the Nerevarine, and gives a "tip" of 100 GoldIcon.


Journal Entry

Viatrix Petilia stopped me on the side of the road near Ald'ruhn. She claims to be a pilgrim on her way to Ghostgate Shrine. Her haughty attitude suggests a person who is used to being waited on. She'd like me to escort her to the Ghostgate Shrine, and she promises a "tip" if I deliver her there safely, and within two days' time.

I have agreed to escort Viatrix Petilia to Ghostgate. Although the trip shouldn't take too long, I have a feeling it might seem that way.
  • Quest accepted
Viatrix Petilia has reminded me that she needs to be in Ghostgate in a day an a half. Her attitude is truly grating.
Viatrix Petilia mentioned yet again that she needs to be in Ghostgate in a day. She is truly annoying. I won't be sorry to be rid of her.
We have arrived at the Ghostgate Shrine.
I've led Viatrix Petilia safely to Ghostgate. She did, indeed, give me a "tip" for my services, but it seams rather meager compensation from someone of such obvious means.
  • Quest complete