"Please, do not let my appearance...unnerve you. The needs and Tenets of the Dark Brotherhood come before my own needs as a vampire."
―Vicente Valtieri[src]

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Vicente Valtieri is a Breton member of the Dark Brotherhood, residing in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. He became a vampire on an expedition to Morrowind and has been a member of the Dark Brotherhood for over two hundred years.


Birth and early lifeEdit

Vicente Valtieri was born in the Imperial province of High Rock to Torrin and Rena Valtieri on a small farm in the Ilessan Highlands in 3E119. His childhood was fairly unremarkable in the farmer set; he grew up knowing the land, what it could offer and what dangers in held. The seasonal yield was very small, as his family only had enough money to support and maintain a few acres.

When Vicente was nine, a wolf got into the chicken pen and killed five of the family's twenty birds. His father chased the animal off but was bitten in the process and contracted rockjoint, immobilizing him a few months later and killing him by year's end. Vicente and his mother were left to fend for themselves, until he was strong enough to tackle the task of taking their farm's produce to Anticlere, the nearest town on the coast of Iliac Bay.

On his twelfth birthday, Vicente's mother used the paltry amount she'd been able to save to send him to Daggerfall for an apprenticeship. Though she told him that he could choose whichever profession he desired, Vicente thought she wanted him to take up agriculture; after all, with his father gone and no siblings, it was now his duty to support them. When he was within sight of the city, bandits jumped him and stole what little he carried, including his father's sword, the only thing other than the farm to remember his father by. He pursued them to their hideout, where he killed the thieves and reclaimed his heirloom.

Upon hearing this, the university taskmaster in Daggerfall was astounded and immediately recommended him for the Imperial Legion. Vicente refused, however, saying that he wanted to be anything but a soldier. Thus, the taskmaster respectfully accommodated him and gave him a list of the preferred professions. Legionnaire was at the top; there was also smithing, cartography, accounting, librarian, courier and several others that seemed to strike his fancy. In the end, he chose cartography, as it meshed most flawlessly with his interest in and love of the larger world. Interestingly, the taskmaster himself had been a cartographer in his younger years and took Vicente on as his apprentice, teaching him the cartographer's trade.

Adolescence and early adulthoodEdit

Over the next five years, young Vicente learned the finer points of cartography, and once a year was allowed a month off to visit his mother. On one such visit, the same wolf that had infected his father also infected his mother; because she was alone and had no contact with the world outside their farm, she was dead by the time he arrived.

Morrowind expeditionEdit

"I was stricken with vampirism over three hundred years ago, while on an expedition deep into the ashlands of Vvardenfell. For nearly one hundred years I hunted in secret, until the Dark Brotherhood found me."
―Vicente Valtieri[src]

Life as a vampireEdit

Life before the BrotherhoodEdit

Vicente Valtieri was born in the Imperial Province of High Rock over three hundred years before the Oblivion Crisis during the reign of Emperor Cephorus Septim I. He was brought up during the War of the Red Diamond, a conflict between rival successors for the Imperial Throne.

A group of Bretons, including Vicente, went on an expedition into the Ashlands of Vvardenfell to learn more about the fauna and flora of the province of Morrowind. It was on this trip that he was attacked by vampires. For nearly one hundred years after that he hunted in secret, until he was discovered by the Dark Brotherhood.

Life in the Dark BrotherhoodEdit

Once he was accepted into the Dark Brotherhood by the Night Mother, he climbed up the ranks until he reached the rank of Executioner. It is not revealed why he was not promoted further. He continued completing and assigning missions to other family members. In the year 3E 433, Lucien Lachance recruited the Hero of Kvatch, whom Vicente was assigned to as overseer for a time.

Vicente was later killed by the Hero during the Purification of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary in an attempt to remove the unknown traitor.


"Yes it's true, I'm quite the social pariah."
―Vicente Valtieri[src]

Vicente Valtieri exhibits the pronounced features of a vampire who hasn't fed in many days. He has red eyes, sunken cheeks, pale coloring and visible fangs. He is utterly devoted to the Dark Brotherhood and is polite and quite friendly to its members, even offering to pass on his "dark gift" when he judges someone worthy.



Lucien: "When I first joined the family, this Sanctuary was controlled by another Speaker. Lucien took over when she was killed while fulfilling a contract."
Night Mother: "The Night Mother speaks to only one member of the Dark Brotherhood -- the Listener of the Black Hand. And when Our Lady speaks, death follows."
Sanctuary: "This Sanctuary has been here since before even I joined the Dark Brotherhood, and that was two-hundred years ago."
Sithis: "Sithis is the darkness of time immemorial. He is no Daedra, and dwells not in the realm of Oblivion. No, Sithis is something altogether...different."
Vampire: "I was stricken with vampirism three-hundred years ago, while on an expedition deep into the Ashlands of Vvardenfell. For nearly a hundred years I hunted in secret, until the Dark Brotherhood found me. Now I have a family that accepts and even values my unique gifts. Perhaps in the future, when I feel you have earned the right, I will offer you a chance to become a hunter of the night."
Rumors: "The Count of Skingrad is not all he seems. Let's just say I'm not the only one who enjoys his evenings..."


  • A note in Valtieri's room reveals that he has a strange weakness to garlic, unlike any other vampire in Cyrodiil.
  • It should be noted that Vicente's name is unique for his race because it is of Latin origin, the French version being Vincent Valtière.
    • While most Bretons have French-sounding names and Imperials Latin-sounding names, Vicente is the opposite.
  • Even though he looks as if he has not fed for a long time, he has bottles of human blood in the Chest in his room, and he will even give the Hero the key if he is spoken to correctly.
  • When asked for rumors, he may discuss the Count of Skingrad and provides a hint to his true nature.