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Vienne Gilelle is a Breton sorceress found in Assumanu located in the region Sheogorad. Vienne is hostile and will readily engage in combat with any adversary in sight.

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Vienne is an expert on using spells, especially in Conjuration, Mysticism and Alteration. Her other primary skills are Destruction and Enchant.
Primary Skills
Conjuration 57
Mysticism 57
Alteration 52
Enchant 47
Destruction 47

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

 • Resist Magicka – 50%
 • Magicka Multiplier Bonus – 50%
 • Dragon Skin
 • Absorb Intelligence
 • Absorb Willpower
 • Commanding Touch
 • Crushing Burden Touch
 • Daedric Bite
 • Dispel
 • Distraction
 • Frost Bolt
 • Paralysis
 • Reflect
 • Shockbite
 • Spell Absorption
 • Sotha's Mirror
 • Strong Levitate
 • Summon Greater Bonewalker
 • Summon Least Bonewalker
 • Summon Scamp
 • Summon Skeletal Minion
 • Temptation
 • Tinur's Hoptoad
 • Vivec's Feast
 • Vivec's Wrath
 • Weakness to Corprus Disease
 • Weak Spelldrinker
 • Weary
 • Wild Spelldrinker


 • Common Shoes
 • Common Robe
 • Ring (leveled)
 • Short Blade (leveled)


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