"I'm Viera Lerus, captain of the Bravil Guard."
―Viera Lerus[src]

Viera Lerus is an Imperial and the Guard Captain of the Bravil City Watch.


Defense of Bruma and Allies for BrumaEdit

She will fight in the Defense of Bruma if the Hero completes the Bravil part of "Allies for Bruma," but if she dies, the Hero cannot complete the Bravil part of the quest.

Arrow of ExtricationEdit

If the Hero kills her during this quest, he or she will receive a blood price, but this is avoidable.


Bravil (at a disposition over 50) "The Count used to be a great man, but power and idleness have spoilt him. However, we remain loyal in memory of past kindnesses, and to serve Bravil."

Allies for BrumaEdit

"I look forward to fighting these daedra side by side with the Hero of Kvatch."



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  • Viera is the Captain of the Bravil City Watch, but she is not a member of the Guard class. So she is unable to arrest you if you commit any crimes (although her high responsibility ensures that she immediately reports any crimes she may witness), and she cannot give you any directions about places in the city of Bravil.
  • Sometimes Viera may travel randomly between Bravil and Bruma, which could easily result in her death.


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