"Are you here to mock me too? Here to pile yet another indignity upon my well-sculpted shoulders? Do your worst!"
―Vigard the Sparrow[src]

Vigard the Sparrow is a Breton residing in Gnisis on Vvardenfell.


What are you talking about? "These damned Dark Elves cast me out! I went to them, lute in hand, to offer aid and they mocked me. Me! Vigard the Sparrow! They don't realize I can heal the miners with the power of music!"

What's wrong with the miners? "I don't have all the details. Something about cursed music? That brute Lathdar cast me out when I tried to ply my trade at the mine. Uncultured simpleton! He doesn't understand the restorative power of song! Music can only be conquered by music!"
Have you heard this music the miners are talking about? "Oh gods, no. I'm not about to set foot in that mine. What happens if I hear this music and the melody catches my ear? Such a cursed tune might meddle with my own creative genius. I follow my own unique muse, friend. I'm no plagiarist!"

"The hero approaches! A warrior without peer! Alas, all my gold was squandered on beer! The hero is selfless! The hero is kind! The hero won't kill me and rob me blind. I hope."

Are you going to keep singing? "I'm sorry. I always sing when I'm nervous. But I don't have any reason to worry now, right? No reason to quake and shiver with fright?"
You're going to be fine. Revus needs you to perform back in Gnisis. "Gnisis? Those dirty miners don't understand my craft. Practically tossed me out on my ear the last time I visited. Revus has always been kind to me, though. Very well, I'll meet you there. An impromptu performance for a Telvanni mage. Very exciting!"


  • "I'll head to Gnisis just as soon as I've gathered my wits."—During "Hatching A Plan," before returning to Gnisis