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Race Elder, Nord
Gender Male
Class Vampire
Faction Bloodlet Throne
Rank Master Vampire
Essential No

Vighar is a Nord master vampire who rules over the vampires of the Bloodlet Throne, located in the mountains in Falkreath Hold. He is an ancestor of Dengeir of Stuhn, Thadgeir and Siddgeir, who are residents of Falkreath.


Dark AncestorEdit

After performing other tasks for Dengeir, he confesses the nature of his ancestor and asks for Vighar to be destroyed to preserve his family's reputation. He can be found in Bloodlet Throne occupying the spawn location of a master vampire.


  •  360  In some instances, if the Bloodlet Throne is cleared before receiving the quest from Dengeir of Stuhn, the dungeon won't reload properly when being re-entered, and thus Vighar may not appear.


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