"The vampires are much more dangerous than we ever dreamed. The Dawnguard is the only hope now"
―Vigilant Tolan[src]

Vigilant Tolan is a member of the Vigilants of Stendarr.


He is initially met inside Fort Dawnguard talking to Isran about the recent vampire attacks. He offers to meet the Dragonborn at Dimhollow Crypt during the quest "Awakening," but does not follow them there. Once the Dragonborn arrives, they will find him dead inside, having been killed by the vampires.


  • Vigilant Tolan was originally intended to meet the Dragonborn after finding Serana, as indicated by unused dialogue options where he meets Serana at the end of Awakening when viewed through the console.


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  •  PC   XB1   PS4   After Tolan dies in Awakening, he can sometimes be found inside Fort Dawnguard standing by the main door. When activated he will only reply with generic lines such as "Yes?" or "Need something?"
  •  PC   Tolan can sometimes be found alive in Dimhollow Crypt while his corpse is also present.


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