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"State your business. Cylarne is holy ground, unfit for mortals."

Vika (Shivering Isles) quote

Vika is a Dark Seducer who resides in the Shivering Isles. She is a warden for the door leading to Cylarne.

Golden SaintsEdit

Cylarne is currently a battle zone for the Dark Seducers and Golden Saints trying to take over the sacred ruins in order to gain favor of Sheogorath. When she first greets the Hero, she will demand explanation of what they are doing. If they explain that they were sent by Lord Sheogorath, she will give them a key that gives them access to the inner part of Cylarne.

Depending on the actions of the Hero, she will either help in taking Cylarne from the saints, or die when the saints attack.


The Cold Flame of AgnonEdit

Sheogorath wants the Hero to relight the Great Torch of New Sheoth. They need to go to the ruins of Cylarne, kindle the Flame of Agnon there, and return with its holy fire. Sheogorath warns that the Golden Saints and Dark Seducers who guard the shrine often fight each other, so they should proceed cautiously.