"I love the Fighters Guild, and all its members, perhaps to a fault. I fear my concern for them has made me blind to what's been happening around me. "
―Vilena Donton[src]

Vilena Donton quote

Vilena Donton is an Imperial warrior and the Fighters Guild's Guildmaster. She can be found at the headquarters of the Chorrol Fighters Guild or inside her home.


Vilena is the mother of two sons: Viranus Donton and his then deceased older brother Vitellus. Vitellus died during a contract involving Azani Blackheart. Ever since his death, Vilena has slacked on her duties as Guildmaster and refuses to send her younger son Viranus on any further jobs fearing that something will happen to him as well.

Her new attitude has caused many members of the guild to worry. The guild has always been connected to the Donton family and without her leading and her refusal to let her son work, there is no leadership. Most of her duty has been taken up by Modryn Oreyn who is the only person keeping the guild's head above water.


Vilena is one of the people who can accept new members into the guild. She will not accept anybody with high infamy or has a bounty on their heads.

When the Hero reaches the rank of Journeyman, he or she will be pointed to Vilena to discuss how the actions of one guild member affects the guild as a whole; she will then point the Hero to Modryn and continue her daily routine.

After the discovery of her son at Forsaken Mine, Vilena will blame the Hero and demote him (and fire Modryn for his part). From this point on she has very little love for the Hero and will not want to talk with them.

After the demotion, several guild members start working in secret behind Vilena's back to find out what really happened to Viranus and the other guild members at Forsaken Mine and start looking for ways to stop the Blackwood Company from stealing any more contracts.

After the Hero stops the Blackwood Company and kills their leaders, they will reveal the truth. Despite being angry over the Hero defying her commands, she will see that her overprotective attitude was killing the guild and that it is time she stepped down and puts somebody who can lead the guild in charge. She will promote the Hero to Master and restore Modryn his rank before retiring.

Unfinished BusinessEdit

Vilena Donton sends the Hero to Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol. He tells them that a rather undependable Guildmate named Maglir has defaulted on a contract to recover a journal from a mine infested with undead. The Hero must locate Maglir and find out why he hasn't returned to Chorrol.

The HistEdit

Furious with the Blackwood Company's vile illegal activities, Modryn Oreyn sends the Hero into their base to defeat Ri'Zakar and destroy the dangerously powerful Hist

Expelled From The Fighters GuildEdit

If another guild member is killed or stolen from, the violator is temporarily suspended from the guild until the actions are amended.