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Race Nord, Werewolf
Gender Male
Level PCx1 (8-50)
Class Warrior
Skills Two-Handed
Faction The Companions
The Circle
Rank Master Skill Trainer
Services Skill Trainer Two-Handed
Joining the Blades
Essential Yes
Ref ID 0001A695
Base ID 0001A694
"Come to me with questions. I know our history almost as well as Vignar by now. Except I can remember it."

Vilkas is a Nord lycanthropic resident of Whiterun, and the twin brother of Farkas. He is a member of the Companions and the Circle, the secret order within the Companions. He serves as the Dragonborn's shield-brother in several of the Companions' quests. As with all Companions, he is usually found within Jorrvaskr, located in the Wind District of Whiterun.



Vilkas and his brother, Farkas, were both raised in Jorrvaskr. Their father, Jergen, left them there while he went to fight in the Great War and never returned. Eventually, Vilkas and Farkas both officially joined the Companions. They were said to be the youngest members to ever join, though this may be a play on words by Vignar Gray-Mane, referring to the twins' young age during their residence at Jorrvaskr rather than the age at which their membership became official.


At first, Vilkas seems to think the Dragonborn isn't worthy of being a Companion, but he eventually warms up to the idea after the completion of Glory of the Dead. Vilkas is well-spoken, and considered to be an intelligent man by the other Companions, the counterpart to his brother's physical prowess. Vilkas, along with his brother and Kodlak, resists the call of the beast-blood, choosing instead to refrain from transformations.[1] However, he struggles with the side-effects more harshly than the others.[2]

Vilkas is also thought of as a hot-tempered man.[3] For example, during Purity of Revenge, he does not hesitate to avenge Kodlak's death. However, he does later show remorse for his rash actions, as seen in Glory of the Dead, during which he refuses to complete his journey to Ysgramor's Tomb, feeling himself unworthy.

After the Companions' main questline is completed, Vilkas will eventually give the quest Purity. In this quest, he will ask the Dragonborn to cure him of beast blood. He is available as a follower, and is also eligible for marriage after completion of The Companions' questline. Vilkas can also be selected to act as Steward for the Dragonborn if the Hearthfire DLC has been installed.

Combat skillsEdit

Notable lootEdit

Quotes Edit

  • "Come to me with questions. I know our history almost as well as Vignar by now. Except I can remember it."
  • "What brings you to me? Find some strange creature in your travels?"
  • "I think by now I've killed one of every living thing in Skyrim. Maybe time for a trip to Morrowind."
  • "What is it now?"
  • "I suppose you have another question."
  • "You're a talkative one, aren't you?"

If the Dragonborn activates a Black Book whilst Vilkas is a follower:

  • "That isn't right."
  • "That can't be good for you."


  • "Vilkas" means "wolf" in Lithuanian. His brother's name, "Farkas," also means wolf, in Hungarian.
  • He has claimed to have killed every type of creature in Skyrim and thinks a trip to Morrowind is in order.
  • If Vilkas is a follower, the Two-Handed skill can be trained in for free. Buy training, then check his inventory and take the money back.
  • Vilkas usually says that he likes and prefers two-handed weapons, and he always uses them when he is the Dragonborn's follower or when he is in a quest. However, Vilkas uses a one-handed sword and a shield when training against the Dragonborn in the quest Take Up Arms.
  • Vilkas may be randomly encountered out in the wilderness killing a giant or sabre cat along with Ria or other Companions.
  • If the Dragonborn marries Farkas, Vilkas appears in the Temple of Mara as a wedding guest; if addressed, he warmly expresses his happiness for the couple.
  • Vilkas was voiced by Michael Gough.
  • After the Companions' questline, if the Dragonborn doesn't wear Wolf Armor, Vilkas will be the only member of the Circle to wear the armor.


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