Not to be confused with Vim Hlaalu.
"Nothing but dusty tomes and rusty weapons. I expected tagging along with Neramo to be more lucrative."
―Vimy Lacroix[src]

Vimy Lacroix is a Breton residing on the island of Betnikh, Glenumbra. She can be found within the ruins of Moriseli, as she has followed Neramo there.


Tip of the SpearheadEdit

Vimy can later be found on a ship in the Wayrest Docks, along with several of Kaleen's former crew. If the Vestige interacts with her, they will discover what she has been doing since leaving Betnikh.

The Heart's DesireEdit

Vimy can be found in the ruins of Nchuleftingth on an expedition with Neramo to find the Heart of Lorkhan. After the quest is finished, she resides within a camp in front of the Nchuleftingth Bridge.


  • When Neramo is met in the Clockwork City and asked about Vimy, he will comment that she is away on personal business