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Vines and Villains is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. A messenger was captured near the Dwynnarth Ruins Lion Camp while he was on his way to a secret meeting between the Red Rooks and the Bloodthorn Cult. A Lion Guard scout suggested the Vestige should find Provost Piper and offer him help.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Provost Piper
  2. Talk to the Red Rook messenger
  3. Rescue Kip's family
  4. Talk to Kip back at the camp
  5. Kill Envoy Caoiss
    1. hint, if loosing the disguise Kip handed over, look for a new one in a Red Rook pack.
  6. Talk to Provost Piper
  7. Complete the quest


A guard the Vestige found, who was hiding from the Red Rook bandits, suggested to talk to Provost Piper about the messenger they just captured if they want to help. He is in the nearby Lion Guard camp. Head over to the camp to find Piper and talk to him.

He says the messenger has been telling them a sad story about his kidnapped family but they don't believe a word of it. Offer to help and go over to the messenger. He is almost frantic and wants them to believe him, he'll tell everything if his family is safe. He came there for help, not to be a prisoner. He had no choice as they're holding his family. He's a tracker and turned the Red Rooks down when they asked him to join, so they kidnapped his family.

Agree to help him and he'll promise to tell everything after the family has been rescued. They are held in an abandoned house south of the camp.

Head over the house and try to avoid the bandits. Inside are Kip's wife and daughter, Marie Orinth and Darcielle Orinth. Speak to the wife and tell them to go to the camp where Kip is. Go back to the camp to speak to Kip again.

Asking him a few questions will help the Vestige in how to act, the bandits and the cultists are planning a meeting and it needs to be stopped. He'll hand over a Red Rook disguise for them to use. If it's lost, look for a new one in any of the bandits back packs.

Head over to the ruin and fight any enemies until they reach the inner court where the Bloodthorn Envoy Caoiss is. Fight and defeat him and return to the Lion Guard camp. Provost Piper suspect something happened as he saw the commotion over at the ruins. He is pleased of the outcome as an alliance between those two groups is not good. He also decided to let Kip and his family go as he couldn't stand seeing his wife and daughter so distressed.