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Viola Giordano

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Viola Giordano
Race Imperial
Gender Female
Ref ID 0001B13C
Base ID 00014129

Viola Giordano is an Imperial who lives in Windhelm. She can be married with an Amulet of Mara. She spends her evenings at the Candlehearth Hall, and occasionally worries about a killer on the loose.


Viola's Gold RingEdit

Revyn Sadri asks the Dragonborn to return Viola's Gold Ring to her house in Windhelm. Master lockpicking is required. Viola can be pickpocketed for the key. Returning the ring to Viola in person prompts her to warn Jarl of Windhelm about Revyn's theft, stating that she will convince the Jarl to raise his taxes.

Blood on the IceEdit

Finding several pamphlets scrawled by Viola at the crime scene in Hjerim, the Dragonborn seeks Viola for answers. Having appraised the Strange Amulet with Calixto Corrium and realizing it belongs to Wuunferth the Unliving, she believes he is the killer she has spent years of her life trying to apprehend. She mentions that Wuunferth has a suspicious history with necromancy.



  • Sometimes, Viola will want to personally investigate Hjerim. If she enters, she may freeze, thus causing problems with the quest.
  •  PC   On rare occasions, she will be found UNDER Candlehearth Hall. To fix this, open the console using the tilde key. Type in the console command tcl. Go under Candlehearth Hall and click her. Return back up and type "moveto PLAYERBASEID". Your ID can be obtained by clicking on yourself when you enter the console in third person view. Viola will then be teleported to the player (remember to deselect any IDs that show up, or it won't work).


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