"Do not do this, I implore you! My children are not evil!"
―Virgar The Red[src]

Virgar The Red is a Nord vampire residing in Coldharbour. She is the matriarch of The Orchard.


The Harvest HeartEdit

Vampires occupy the Orchard beyond the Chasm, somehow empowered by Molag Bal's Harvest Heart. The vampires need to be dealt with before our forces can push forward toward the planar vortex.


Vanus Galerion: "Back foul temptress! I'll hear no more of your lies!"
Vignar The Red: "Such a stubborn Elf! Perhaps your companion will be more willing to listen to reason."


  • "You don't know what you're doing! Molag Bal is the enemy here, not my children."
  • "Why are you subjecting my people to this danger?"
  • "Such a cruel and distasteful chore the Elf has tasked you with."