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Visit the Museum in Dawnstar

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Visit the Museum in Dawnstar
Silus Vesuiuss House
Silus Vesuius's House and Museum
Quest Giver Courier with a note from Silus Vesuius
Location Dawnstar
Next Quest Pieces of the Past
Type Miscellaneous
Visit the Museum in Dawnstar is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is a miscellaneous quest.


Silus Vesuius needs help retrieving parts of the legendary Mehrunes' Razor for his Mythic Dawn Museum.


Once the Dragonborn has reached level 20, a courier will deliver a note inviting them to travel to Dawnstar to see the new museum. Silus Vesuius is waiting outside. Upon approach, he invites the Dragonborn to come inside and talk further about the Daedric Cult, the Mythic Dawn. Once inside, Vesuius gives a short tour of several display cases and the option opens up for the quest Pieces of the Past, in which the pieces of Mehrunes' Razor must be collected.


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