Vital Inheritance is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Alexia Dencent was the survivor of the Bloodthorn Cult's attack on the Aldcroft lighthouse. She needs help to retrieve her fathers old pipe from his cottage so she will have something to remind him by.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Edrien's pipe
  2. Talk to Edrien Dencent
  3. Find Edrien's cache
  4. Talk to Alexia Dencent
  5. Complete the quest


When passing a small cottage south of Aldcroft, a soft cry can be heard from inside. It is Alexia Dencent, who tells the story about the cultists attack, and how they came in the night. She ran to this cottage to hide after her father was killed. She left all behind, but she wishes she had her fathers old pipe to remember him.

After accepting to help, head over to the lighthouse, sneak past the cultists or fight them on the way. Enter her father's cottage and find the pipe on the table. Edrien's spirit appears from his corpse on the floor. He wants the Vestige to do him a favor. He says his daughter is lost in grief, and shouldn't have sent them here to retrieve an old pipe. She should have something of real value that will allow her to move on. For years he has saved and been hiding gold under a tree southwest of the lighthouse, find it and give it to my daughter. She needs to go to Crosswych where she can start anew.

Follow the marker to find the hidden treasure, then return to Alexia in the small cottage. She is anxious and wants to know if the pipe was ok. Give her the satchel with the treasure and tell her what her father's spirit said. She is happy to find there is enough in the satchel to get supplies in Aldcroft so she can leave, and rewards the Vestige with some GoldIcon and a ring, the Dencent Family Heirloom.