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Main article: Vivec City

Telvanni Canton is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The Telvanni Canton is found in Vivec City. It is the Great House Telvanni's hold. It houses many shops, a large number of living areas, a temple, an Inn and a tower. It has four levels, The highest is the Plaza where the Tower can be found. Under, lies the Waistworks which serves as a market, where most shops can be found, as well as the Temple and the Inn. Below, the Canalworks contains the living quaters of a group of slaves, and their owner. A Laboratory guarded by Dwemer Animunculi can, also, be found there. The lowest level is the Underworks which serves as sewers to the canton.


Vivec, Telvanni Vaults Exterior Morrowind

The Tower

Telvanni PlazaEdit

Main article: Telvanni Plaza

The Plaza contains two houses, a storage and a tower. It is patrolled by Ordinators. Avoni Dren, Deldasa Thirandus, Landa and Tendren Hlervu can be found there.

Telvanni WaistworksEdit

Main article: Telvanni Waistworks

The Waistworks contain many shops, an Inn and a Temple. It is guarded by Ordinators. Golveso Senim, Favani Faryon and Endul Rothandus can be found in here.

Telvanni CanalworksEdit

Main article: Telvanni Canalworks

Th Canalworks contain two Dunmer burials, the Monster Lab and a large locked cell holding a group of Argonian and Khatjiit guarded by Eldrar Fathyron.

Telvanni UnderworksEdit

Main article: Telvanni Underworks

The Underworks serves as sewers for the canton.






  • It is one of the rare locations where the members of the House Telvanni do not live in giant mushrooms.


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