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"Return swiftly, Morag Tong, and bring any allies you meet. Morrowind has need of you all."

Lord Vivec, also known as Vehk, is one of the three mortal gods of the Tribunal, the rulers of Morrowind, and the Guardian of Vvardenfell. He can be be found in his palace in Vivec City. The questline of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind involves you helping Vivec stop Baar Dau from falling, and discovering the cause of his mysterious illness to help restore his strength.[3][4][5]


Vivec will be heavily involved in the main questline, which includes stopping the meteor Baar Dau and helping him regain his lost powers.[4]

Divine ConundrumEdit

Once Canon Llevule is assisted at Andrano Ancestral Tomb, he sends you to speak to Vivec. Upon entering Vivec's Palace, the following conversation will occur:

Canon Llevule: "This is the person who helped me at the tomb, my lord."
Archcanon Tarvus: "Lord Vivec, we don't need the help of this... Outlander."
Vivec: "Oh hush, Archcanon Tarvus. Outlanders have their usefulness and this one intrigues me"
Tarvus: "As you say, I'll be in my office if you need me."
Vivec: "Step forward, friend of Llevule, and let us speak."

Upon speaking to Vivec, he says he will need your assistance to perform a divination ritual, and speak to Archcanon Tarvus about it. Upon obtaining the Blessing Stone and going to the palace, Tarvus and Vivec will initiate the ritual, only for it to end on an abrupt note. After speaking to Vivec, he will reveal that his divine essence is draining away, and he needs your assistance to discover the cause.[1][6]

Divine InquiriesEdit

Vivec will request that you speak to Archcanon Tarvus about leads to investigate regarding the loss of his power.[6]

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Show: Divine Conundrum

"Canon Llevule says you helped him in his mission. As I have written, "the one who helps my ally becomes my friend." Despite the Archcanon's concerns, I greet you with sincerity and pose a simple question. Will you assist us further, Outlander?"

What kind of help do you need, Lord Vivec?
"I have Ordinators and Armigers at my disposal, vast armies of followers and dedicated priests. What I don't have, however, is a fresh perspective. Will you set aside your personal goals for a time and become the eyes and ears of a god?"

Of course, Lord Vivec. I can provide a fresh perspective.
"Good, I need assistance to investigate a... strange phenomenon that the ancestor confirmed may indeed be a problem. We'll start with a simple divination ritual. Archcanon Tarvus can tell you what we need to delve into this mystery."
I don't think Archcanon Tarvus wants my help.
"The situation that troubles me has taken a toll on my Archcanon. But he's a faithful servant. Tarvus will do as I say, and I say that we need your assistance. Find the Archcanon in his office and he'll tell you how to proceed."
When I first arrived, I saw a vision of Azura.
"The Daedric Prince? I suppose the same events that concern me might interest Azura, though she could just as easily be the source of these troubles. Red Mountain. Strange Daedra. And then there's... well, we'll talk more about that when you return."
Was what the ancestor said helpful?
"Llevule's ancestor assured me that a source of power remains safe. As for the rest, "Let the guess ripen in the mind and only speak when the fruit grows certain." I require more information on these matters, hence the need for the divination ritual."

"Between the cryptic warnings of the ancestor spirit and the unexpected result of the divination ritual, I fear there may be more astir than I imagined. We solve the greatest mysteries by accident, I suspect. Hmm. I should write that down."

Something went wrong during the ritual. Did you learn what you had hoped?
"We learn from every action we take. Failure or success, each result teaches us something, at least in the larger sense. To be more specific... no, not as much as I hoped."

But there were images in the ritual...
"Images that suggest avenues to investigate, riddles to solve. Let me tell you a secret, Outlander. It concerns a Living God and energy that fades like daylight as dusk spreads across the land."
I don't understand, Lord Vivec.
"Listen well and speak not a word! My divine energy, it drains away. Whether from illness or foul malady, I know not. You must travel the land and seek answers on my behalf. But first, "Gratitude before service," as I have written. So, thank you."
Show: Divine Inquiries

"The ritual confirms my worst fears―divine energy flows out of me for no reason that I can discern. I felt the power imbued within my Blessing Stone get wrenched away as soon as you added it to the ritual. I couldn't stop it."

You're losing divine energy? How is that possible?
"To quote my own words as the Warrior-Poet, "No lock exists that the determined thief cannot open." Follow the trail of my missing energy and try to discover the identity of the enemy Llevule's ancestor warned us about."

You think an enemy is responsible for your energy loss?
"Something drains my energy. Find Archcanon Tarvus in his office and ask if he gleaned anything useful from the ritual. If not, I know his earlier research indicated new avenues to investigate. Go where he tells you and learn what you can."
I'll talk to Archcanon Tarvus.
"My divine energy diminishes with every passing moment, but the ritual confirmed my affliction is not natural. I regret that I could not reveal the full nature of these dire circumstances until your trustworthiness had been demonstrated."
I'm not sure Archcanon Tarvus shares your assessment of me.
"Yes, well, Archcanon Tarvus has always been very cautious about ideas and ideologies that didn't originate within the Tribunal. And recently, that prudence has grown a thousandfold. He's a faithful servant, however, despite his narrow-mindedness."
What do you mean that your divine energy has diminished?
"I've always used my power freely and without detriment. I create the Blessing Stones, hold the moonlet above the city, and perform a hundred miracles a day to benefit my people. I begin to feel the toll this liberal application divinity costs me."
Do you think you're in danger?
"I care little for my own safety, but my people are another matter. Without my power to stop it, the moonlet will crash into the city and kill hundreds―perhaps thousands―of innocents. And that would just be the start of Vvardenfell's woes."
Why do you suspect the affliction isn't natural?
"At first, I barely noticed the loss of energy. But as I continue to grow weaker, the more it feels like an attack against my person. Besides, the ancestor spirit confirmed that an ancient enemy was to blame. We just need to determine who before..."
"Let us not dwell on disasters to come when we have problems to deal with in the here and now. Consult with Archcanon Tarvus and discover the source of this attack. Then we can put an end to it and not worry about what might have been."
What does the rest of the Tribunal think about all this?
"They always chide me about my flagrant displays of divinity. But so far, I am the only one of the Living Gods whose power is fading. Almalexia hordes her energy and has barricaded her temple against attack. As for Sotha Sil..."
What about Sotha Sil?
"My brother... travels. We have not heard from him for quite some time, but I sense that he remains safe and in possession of his full power. Funny. He always wanted to discover the limits of our divinity. Perhaps I will solve that mystery for him."


  • "What do you ask of me assassin? Hmmm... granted. Kill him somewhere out of the way to avoid questions. Return swiftly, Morag Tong, and bring any allies you meet. Morrowind has need of you all." (To Naryu Virian)[2]



  • When asked about the absence of Vivec in the Ask Us Anything Variety Pack 4 and the Zenimax Writer's AMA, Zenimax commented that Vivec "has his hands full" and is occupied with "other matters", and it will eventually be revealed what those matters are.[8][9]