Vix is a baby snow fox that can be acquired by an adopted child as a pet in The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire.


If the Dragonborn has adopted a female child, they may bring the fox home and ask to keep it as a pet. If the child is allowed to keep Vix, there will be no required upkeep.



  • The child who owns Vix never mentions her name, and neither is it shown when looked at. It only shows after the fox has died.
  • If a child is allowed to keep Vix, the Dragonborn cannot get the fox to leave. The only way to get rid of the pet is to kill it (unless a child kills it by accident). This will result in the children hating and refusing to speak with the Dragonborn. An easy way to avoid this is to just wait some time and your child will be back to normal or cast Fury or Frenzy on Vix and have a follower, the child or any other NPC kill it.
  • 'Vix' could possibly be the shortened version of the word 'Vixen', which is the term for a female fox.


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  •  PC   360   Vix may randomly disappear from the home, never to return. One of the Dragonborn's adopted children may bring an identical fox back later.
  •  360   Vix may randomly appear outside, usually just inside the front door (loaded in the outside cell, but inside the house.) This can be confirmed by Detect Life, Aura Whisper, or the wooden plate glitch.
  •  PS3   Vix may appear bigger (size of a normal snow fox) upon seeing it for the first time beyond the doors into dining room. It will shrink down to its proper size when approached.


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