Vlanhonder Moslin is an Imperial who runs Moslin's Inn in the unfriendly village of Hackdirt. One can rent a bed for 30 GoldIcon a night, and Moslin also sells food.


Vlanhonder Moslin is an Imperial publican and the proprietor of Moslin's Inn in the infamous settlement of Hackdirt. His grandfather was Irlav Moslin, the founder of Hackdirt and author of the obscure text Bible of the Deep Ones. Like the other inhabitants in Hackdirt, Vlanhonder is a devout worshipper of The Deep Ones and is partly responsible for the disappearance and planned blood-sacrifice of Seed-Neeus’ daughter Dar-Ma.

The inn is located in the northern part of town and is dark, messy and uninviting. Vlanhonder spends most of his time in the reception room on the ground floor, wandering around in the dark, doing his best to scare off unwelcome strangers. He leaves the inn at 8pm and heads for the Chapel of the Brethren for a gathering with the other cultists.

They all spend the next five hours listening to Etira Moslin reciting passages from the Bible. At 1am, the group rise from their benches and enter the Hackdirt Caverns where the mysterious Brethren await. In their presence, Vlanhonder spends the next five hours silently worshipping the Deep Ones. At 6am, he surfaces back in the inn through the trapdoor and gets ready for another day of scaring customers away.

Unlike the other cultists, Vlanhonder is unarmed and only wears a set of lower-class clothing, including a shirt with suspenders, a pair of tan linens, and thick cowhide shoes. He carries the Hackdirt Key and a small amount of GoldIcon.


A Shadow over HackdirtEdit

Seed-Neeus's daughter Dar-Maa has gone missing.




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  • Although Vlanhonder is technically a merchant, he is never scheduled to provide services, and therefore it is impossible to ever barter with him.