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Vlarimil Orius is an Imperial noble and a guest of Countess Alessia Caro in Leyawiin.



Sanguine tells the Hero that there is to be a dinner party at Castle Leyawiin hosted by Countess Alessia Caro. This party, Sanguine suspects, will be as "stuffy" as Alessia herself, so he sends them to liven up the party.

He spawns after the Hero has been told about the dinner party and he'll appear in the County Hall eating at the table.

If the Hero chooses him as a target, he'll run around naked and panicking until competion of the quest. After the quest, he'll disappear from the game.


  • Vlarimil was supposed to eat between 6 PM and midnight only, but because he has no fallback package, he will eat 24 hours a day.


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