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"Don't mind the dogs, they get anxious when they haven't had dinner."

Voada is a Breton who works in Understone Keep in Markarth for Chef Anton Virane.


The only interaction with her is when delivering the spiced beef. If killed, Rondach will send Hired Thugs after them. Voada can also send out thugs if Ainethach is killed, and vice versa.

Related questsEdit

Deliver spiced beef to Voada from Banning for the dogs in Understone Keep.


  • "Don't mind the dogs, they get anxious when they haven't had dinner."
  • "It's been a hard day cleaning. Good, honest work I say."
  • "You should talk to Anton if you need anything. He's the master chef."


Anton "Voada, you spilled laundry water in the soup pot again! Do I need to cut off your fingers to teach you a lesson?"
Rondach "You touch her and I swear it'll be your fingers that go missing, you stupid Breton!"
Anton "What was that?"
Voada "Now, now, brother, Rondach was just being his usual gloomy self, he didn't mean it, did you Rondach? You're just being silly again."
Anton "Whatever. Just get back to work. Now."


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