"If you decide to take the Silt strider, tell Darvame Hleran I sent you."
―Vodunius Nuccius[src]

Vodunius Nuccius is an Imperial Commoner. He resided in Seyda Neen for a while, living in his house next to the Census and Excise Office Warehouse. He was later given enough money by the Nerevarine so that he could go home to Narsis. He is friends with the Silt Strider caravaner Darvame Hleran.


  • "I am a commoner. I do whatever needs doing -- cooking, cleaning, building, baking, making, breaking. And, by your accent, I can tell YOU are an outlander. Since you're new to these parts, perhaps you'd like me to share a little local lore."


Vodunius NucciusEdit

Give Vodunius some money so he can go back home.