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Members of the Voice Cast

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The following is a list of actors and actresses who appear in The Elder Scrolls Online:

Featured actorsEdit

image Voice Actor Character
Kate Beckinsale Queen Ayrenn
Lynda Carter
Lynda Carter Azura
John Cleese
John Cleese Sir Cadwell
Michael Gambon
Michael Gambon The Prophet
Jennifer Hale Lyris Titanborn
Malcolm McDowell
Malcolm McDowell Molag Bal
Alfred Molina
Alfred Molina Abnur Tharn
Bill Nighy
Bill Nighy High King Emeric
Kevin Michael Richardson
Kevin Michael Richardson Sai Sahan
Peter Stormare
Peter Stormare Jorunn the Skald-King
Jim Ward
Jim Ward Mannimarco


image Voice Actor Character
[?] Courtenay Taylor Female Bretons
Female Khajiit
[?] Gideon Emery Male Altmer
Male Dunmer

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