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Volmyni Dral is a Dunmer commoner who resides in Sadrith Mora, Morrowind. She is in love with Mossanon, an Altmer trader who she lives with at her house.

She dons common clothing and is unarmed. Volmyni does not provide any services, and is not involved in any quests, although her lover is a fugitive involved in Pledge from Canctunian Ponius.

Attributes and EquipmentEdit

Volmyni is a journeyman in all five of her primary skills, which includes Hand-to-Hand, her preferred mode of combat.


Primary Skills
Hand-to-Hand 40
Mercantile 40
Speechcraft 40
Athletics 38
Short Blade 34

Abilities, Powers, and SpellsEdit

Abilities Powers Spells





  • Folded Cloth
  • 4 Gold


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