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Volsung Mask
Level 50
Priest Type Frost
Health Health-icon 1490
Magic MagickaIcon 545
Stamina 0
Spells/Abilities Command Daedra

Conjure Frost Atronach
Greater Ward
Ice Storm
Icy Spear

Resistance Immune to poison
Loot Volsung Mask
Soul Grand
Ref ID 00041931
Base ID 00041930

Volsung(VOLSUNG) is one of the eight named dragon priests. Vol means "horror" in the dragon language.


Volsung was a Dragon Priest during the Merethic Era, and served the dragons with loyalty and fear like many of the other Dragon Priests. Like the other Dragon Priests of Skyrim, he didn't believe in the powers of Miraak, until he saw them himself. Volsung served under Otar until the Dragon War broke out, and he was killed by Nordic warriors atop the Throat of the World. He awakes when Alduin returns to Nirn from the currents of time.


Volsung can be encountered at the summit of the Nordic ruin of Volskygge.

Notable itemsEdit

Upon his defeat, Volsung drops the Volsung mask - one of the eight mysterious dragon priest masks located throughout Skyrim. Collecting all eight masks is a requirement for the unmarked quest to restore the dragon priest shrine.


  • If the Dragonborn uses the Unrelenting Force shout on Volsung's coffin, it will cause him to be pushed out of it, rather than raise in his scripted animation.
  • Volsung's Command Daedra spell is much stronger than the Dragonborn's, even if level 81 is already reached before encountering the Dragon Priest. As of patch 1.9, however, it may be possible to best his spell.
  • Volsung can be encountered without even going inside of Volskygge. Simply go on the mountain above the first area of the ruin, climb up, and find the summit. There will be a word wall and Volsung's coffin, as Volsung rises out he can be killed and his mask looted. The word wall can also be used, all without having to go through all the areas of Volskygge.


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