Voranil is a wealthy Altmer noble who owns the Riverview manor, located in the southern part of Cheydinhal.


How exactly Voranil came into his wealth is unknown, but he held extravagant parties in his mansion, inviting only the most important socialites in Cheydinhal. As a person, Voranil was snobbish and stuck-up, looking down on anyone that didn't attend his parties.

He never knew that two of his servants were in fact members of the Order of the Mythic Dawn.


Cheydinhal: "You're not on my list. And that's all I have to say. If you were somebody, I'd know. But I don't, so you aren't."


  • He is quite unintelligent or just mean to the Hero even if they already are Arch-Mage, Master of the Fighters Guild, Grand Champion and/or Champion of Cyrodiil or even a well known Hero who has done a lot of side quests because regardless he will not invite them into his parties.

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