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Race Nord
Gender Male
Level Based on character level
Class Warrior
Services Follower
Essential No
Ref ID 000B9984
Base ID 000B997F
"I'm what you'd call a soldier of fortune. Make me an offer, and I just might fight on your side."

Vorstag is a Nord warrior who lives in Markarth. Found sitting by the fire in the Silver-Blood Inn, he becomes an option for marriage when an Amulet of Mara is worn. He can be hired as mercenary for 500 GoldIcon at any time.


When traveling with the Dragonborn, Vorstag is eager to investigate caves: "Looks like a cave. Think we should check it out?" However, he does not like mines, and, when taken inside one, comments on how they are dangerous and sometimes filled with poisonous gas.

He possesses knowledge about Dwemer constructs, making comments on their trap-making skills whenever he enters Dwemer Ruins. Both he and Marcurio share similar quotes and an expansive knowledge of the Dwemeri.



The Dragonborn can hire Vorstag for 500 GoldIcon. After he has been hired once, Vorstag becomes a candidate for marriage. Vorstag is an eligible candidate for the Blades as well.

Vorstag's highest skills are Heavy Armor, One Handed, Archery and Block. All mercenaries have a base level of 10 and a level cap of 40.

Vorstag wears a set of Scaled Armor by default, excluding the helm.

Vorstag may use his default Scaled Boots over other footwear. Even when the player gives him better light armor boots, he refuses to wear them. However, he wears any heavy armor boots deposited in his inventory. Boots of the Old Gods are an exception to this, as he will wear them. If given the Boots of the Old Gods and heavy armor boots, he equips the Boots of the Old Gods. This is common with some other followers. After the Dragonborn has given Vorstag a better bow, sometimes he still chooses to use his default Hunting Bow.


If the Dragonborn marries Vorstag, he suggests they move into his house after the ceremony. If the Dragonborn agrees to move in with him, they have to rent a room to receive the blessing, Lover's Comfort.


  • "Is that some sort of... healing spell?" - when a healing spell is cast on him.
  • "Sure, what have you got?" - when the Dragonborn rearranges his gear.
  • "Farewell then. If you need my service again, come find me at the usual place." - when the Dragonborn dismisses him.


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