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Not to be confused with Tel Vos.

Vos is a farming village in the eastern coast of Vvardenfell. Vos was built in the Velothi style. When it was taken by House Telvanni, however, they planted one of their great mushroom plants under its temple, giving it a unique mix of Velothi and Telvanni architecture. Vos is very close to the Telvanni wizard tower Tel Vos, the home of Telvanni Councilor Master Aryon.

Architectural designEdit

The houses in Vos are built with the architecture Telvanni mushroom and stone. The southeast mushroom tower is the Varo Tradehouse.


The Vos Chapel is the only Temple of the Tribunal in Telvanni territory. The Chapel providing healing services to all. The Nerevarine can find Yakin Bael a Master in Restoration who provides training in that skill.



Tenim's BountyEdit



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