Vuhon is a Dunmeri Lord of Umbriel, also called Lord Umbriel by its inhabitants. He is the main antagonist in the The Infernal City and Lord of Souls books. He is also best known for constructing the Ingenium - a device which kept the Ministry of Truth afloat.[1]


Vuhon's Ingenium needed souls to run correctly. When Ezhmaar Sul's wife, Ilzheven, was chosen, Sul had tried to rescue her, but damaged the Ingenium in the process, causing the Ministry of Truth to crash into Vivec City. Afterwards, Sul and Vuhon were trapped in Oblivion, from which Vuhon managed to get out of by striking a deal with Umbra, a person imprisoned in the Umbra Sword by Clavicus Vile. His life would be spared, but he would have to create a new Ingenium, which needed to be able to escape Clavicus Vile's realm. This new Ingenium was put to use, and allowed for their escape from the realm. It tore a piece of Oblivion out in the process, which was later called Umbriel.[1]