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Vuljotnaak (Dovahzul: VULJOTNAaK) is a dragon flying circles between Fort Sungard and Broken Fang Cave. He is relatively easy to defeat compared to most other dragons.


He is located at the Great Henge Dragon Burial Mound, northeast of Sunderstone Gorge. Not far from Bloated Man's Grotto.


He is also one of the dragons that can be seen being resurrected by Alduin (but only after the quest "Diplomatic Immunity" starts and before the quest Alduin's Wall in Act II of the main quest line).

If Vuljotnaak is not yet resurrected by Alduin and the pillar of light/dragon's soul is over the Dragon Mound, if the Dragonborn attacks or uses Thu'um (Dragon Shout) at the ground, Vuljotnaak can be heard saying in the common tongue, "Speak, if you have aught to say worth the listening."



  • If one has Dragonborn installed and has all three Words of Bend Will, Vuljotnaak is another named dragon that can be ridden.


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