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Vvardenfell is a region in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. It was released on June 6th, 2017. The region itself is a large island located in the Inner Sea of Morrowind, with the volcano of Red Mountain dominating the island's center.


On December 6, 2012, when asked how big Morrowind would be compared to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, ZeniMax replied that the game would take place on the mainland areas of Deshaan, Stonefalls, and Bal Foyen, close to the size of Vvardenfell. Zenimax teased "That's not to say adventurers in The Elder Scrolls Online won't ever be able to visit Vvardenfell."[1] During the beta, the map of Tamriel displayed Vvardenfell as a future zone.[2] During the September 10, 2014 Writer's AmA, Lawrence Schick said that Vivec and Sotha Sil are "very busy and have their hands full," and that it will eventually be revealed what it is they are busy with, as Zenimax has big plans. As Vivec resides on Vvardenfell, this can be alluded to the future incorporation of the island.[3]

After Public Test Server patch 2.4.0 added the Dark Brotherhood DLC,[4] 14 locations found on Vvardenfell in Morrowind were added to the data files, located in many areas around the island's coast.[5][6] After patch 2.5.0 containing the Shadows of the Hist DLC was released, 60 new locations from Vvardenfell were found to be added to the data files, confirming each zone besides Red Mountain, Sheogorad, and the Ashlands.[7] In the PTS 2.7.0 Homestead patch,[8] a large overhead map of Vvardenfell was found,[9][10][11] which showed most of the pre-existing locations already added to the files, as well as a few new ones. Only Sheogorad and part of the northern Ashlands were not completed zones.[9]



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The Halls of Fabrication is a new trial that will appear in Vvardenfell.

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Many quests have been found, but only few have official names:

  • Ancestral Adversity
  • Daily Quests: Ashlander Hunter Daily Quests. (Unnamed)
  • Broken Bonds
  • Divine Conundrum
  • Divine Inquiries
  • Heart of a Telvanni
  • The Magister Makes a Move
  • The Memory Stone
  • The Trapped Nord: A naked Nord was betrayed by a Dunmer woman he was escorting to Vivec City. However, he is also caught in a spell the witch cast at him.
  • Reclaiming Vos: An arc pertaining to retaking the town of Vos from Savarak.
  • Bring the Stones to Divayth Fyr: A quest stage
  • Exposing Savarak: Savarak is targeting Dratha's workers and is preparing to take over her tower, having recently poisoned it. You are assigned to uncover dirt on him and his relation to the Gold Coast Trading Company.
  • A Hireling of House Telvanni: Assist Therana in promoting her Argonian, Sun-in-Shadow, to a hireling of House Telvanni. This is the only quest with both an official name and dialogue.
  • Raiders of Khartag: A faction known as Khartag's Raiders is working to free slaves on Vvardenfell. They are former members of the Daggerfall Covenant, but have since abandoned the faction. They seek to remind Khartag of his past as a Covenant member.
  • Clearing an Ancestral Tomb: Lord Vivec himself has sent a group of people to clear out an ancestral tomb of horrid creatures, but things haven't gone so well. One of the members escaped and arrived in Seyda Neen, and sends you to check up on those still at the tomb.
  • Rethan's Employment: A man wants you to see how his wife and daughter are doing, as they came to work for Rethan but haven't been able to meet each other since. His wife works in the mines, and to get into the mines, you need a seal of approval to show the guards, which Rethan keeps in his desk.
  • Escaping Firemoth: Just a quest stage, relating to Fort Firemoth on the southwest part of the island.
  • Locate the Kushtashpi Shrine: Just a quest stage, regarding locating a Daedric Shrine of Molag Bal.
  • Retrieving St. Felm's Relic: Sun-in-Shadow sends you to bring back a relic of St. Felms, not his cleaver, but rather his finger bone, from the Redoran in Zaintiraris. The Redoran want to give it to the temple for safekeeping, but Therana has a critical use for it in her experiments, and she considered the saint "block-headed." Sun-in-Shadow needs you to do this in order to gain Therana's favor, prior to when she starts requesting House Telvanni make her a hireling.
  • Freeing Tirwin: Llonas Givyn, madly in love with the slave Tirwin, wants her purchased so they can be together. Tirwin's owner and Llonas' mother, Faras Givyn, refuses to part with the slave, having declined her son's offer as she does not want any member of the family involved with a slave. He has hired someone to negotiate with Faras, and needs his name kept out of it so that she does not know it is him.






  • Vvardenfell Vvolumes: "Tomes, journals, and letters relating to or found in the great volcanic island at the heart of Morrowind."
  • Vivec's 36 Lessons: "The thirty-six lessons, or sermons, of the warrior-poet Vivec, living god of the Tribunal of Morrowind."